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I have been a tradesman for over 25 years. My journey started as an apprentice for Demerse Carpentry of Fort Deposit, Alabama specializing in historical home renovations and fine finish work for high-end restaurants in nearby Montgomery. Years later, as I look back, Carpentry has taken me many places: to Colorado to build decks and fences in the summer, kitchens and bathes in the winter; to the island of Kauai to build a villa in Poipu frame to finish; to the San Francisco Bay Area to build beautifully designed new homes as well as remodel and seismic retrofit residences on the famed Billionaire's Row; to Oregon to again historically renovate homes in the Alphabet District in Portland. Now as a General Contractor, I continue to swing my hammer as a Carpenter with my tool bags on. I like big jobs, as well as small jobs. I'm always looking for creative and interesting work.


In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, Lori, and our two bloodhounds, Cleatus and Saint. I could also be caught playing guitar on the porch in the Summertime, or maybe working in my woodshop, gardening, or working on our property driving the tractor. 

Tools I use everyday

Summer 2017

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